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A plan to rebuild cricket windies

The West indies team who were once the most dominant team in the sports have languished as a result of poor management, financial problems, poor techniques on the field and the attitude of some players and board members that have caused the results that we are now seeing today. If things are allowed to continue as is, it will be just a matter of time before the board declares bankruptcy as sponsors will refuse to back a losing team and other international cricket bards and teams would only play against them using their B and C (and maybe even high school teams) for practice matches. If that be the case, then that would be the end of it for West Indies cricket. I would say that for the greater good, there should be a hiatus for West Indian cricket and an effort be made to set up a "cricket clinic" where technical experts are brought in from the international cricket community to develop and implement a program whereby promising players from the regional high schools and cricket clubs are invited to participate and where those who accept the invite can learn and practice the best techniques in bowling, batting and fielding. That could be a two year program after which the best of the best are selected to play for the West Indies. The funding for such a program could come from regional government bodies, corporate sponsors and funds that would normally go towards paying for the trips, accommodation, salaries and other costs that would be incurred by the existing team. In addition, the "prima donas" who are on the team and also those who among selectors and those who sit on the board and who feel that the game revolves around them should be told in no uncertain terms shape up or ship out and make way for those who really have something to contribute to the game.

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Cricketwindies is the leading voice for Caribbean and International cricket news, information and opinion. We’re a community of cricket fans who follow all cricket. In other words, a bunch of high-strung, fanatical cricket enthusiasts who have far too much time on their hands.

For many years the West Indies team ruled the cricket world, playing undefeated in a Test series for over 15 years. Recently the West Indies team has suffered several losses but with the emergence of new high-calibre players the future for the West Indies cricket team looks very good!

West Indians are passionate about their cricket, quick to cheer when the team performs well but also quick to criticize a poor performance. Thousands of West Indians always turn out to watch their team play .... and hopefully win!

Cricket is seen as a unifying force in the West Indies, bringing together players (and supporters) from across the region. This gentleman's game has brought considerable exposure to the islands of the Caribbean, with the West Indian cricketers being remembered not only for their incredible talent and skills but also for their deportment and sense of fair play.

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